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Vibrapod Isolator
Vibrapod Cone

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VIBRAPOD Cone Installation


Vibrapod Cones can cause the same staining problem as Vibrapod Isolators.
See Precautions.

Vibrapod Cones may be placed with the ball up or ball down. You can use 3 or 4. We suggest 4. If you are currently using a VIBRAPOD Sandwich you can easily place the Cones on the Domes of the Vibrapod Isolators. This will work with as many Vibrapod Isolators as you are currently using.


Components will slide on the ball. There are several ways to cure this.

Place the ball of the Cone into the footer. The ball should be in contact with the screw in the footer, if there is one, and the soft area of the Cone should not touch the footer.

Another way is to remove the unit's feet and allow the ball to rest in the screw hole.


With the ball down there is less sliding but the ball might mar fine wood finishes.

If the feet are 1 5/8" or larger put the Cone directly under the feet. Otherwise remove the feet and substitute with cones. If you use VIBRAPOD Isolators you simply place the Cone on the Dome.

When combining VIBRAPOD Isolators and Cones use the weight that an Isolator can support for the combination.




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