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Vibrapod Isolator
Vibrapod Cone

The Vibrapod Company

623 Hanley Industrial Court
St. Louis, MO 63144
Phone (314) 645-2900
Fax     (314) 645-6700

VIBRAPOD Isolators can eliminate some humming noises in computer systems. Most people are using 4 of either the Model 4 or Model 5 for excellent results.

VIBRAPOD Isolators can be used under computers on carts in hospitals.

VIBRAPOD Isolators can be used under Sewing Machines, especially Sergers.

If you represent a hospital please call us directly for the best pricing.

Anything that vibrates and creates unwanted noise can also benefit from the use of VIBRAPOD Isolators underneath them. Portable de-humidifiers, humidifiers, fans, etc. are helped.





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Vibrapod : the Affordable Alternative.