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Issue 129-- -------- April/May 2001

Good Cheap Stuff That Works

Who hasn't heard of Vibrapod Isolators? These simple vibration absorbing coasters cost all of six bucks each, a set of four for $24. Everybody should have a few sets around for applications where more expensive cones, spikes, discs, and damping systems (like Walker Valid Points) either won't fit or are too complex. There's practically no component they won't accomodate. Vibrapods should be tried beneath any part of your system not now fitted with vibration damping. I use them under a Sunfire subwoofer, a surround decoder and amp, a laserdisc player, an audio cassette deck, and other gizmos. Though their sonic resolution isn't quite state-of -the-art, they work subjectively at least as well as Navcom and Sorbothane pucks and are slimmer, easier to install, and cheaper. They come in five "Models" for components of various weights, all at the same price. On carpeting, put them on top of a slab of MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Arthur S. Pfeffer


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