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Vibrapod Isolator
Vibrapod Cone

The Vibrapod Company

623 Hanley Industrial Court
St. Louis, MO 63144
Phone (314) 645-2900
Fax     (314) 645-6700

For Audio, Video, Gaming, Recording, Computers and Other Equipment.

The VIBRAPOD Cone - U.S. Patent No. 7,267,318

"All who know me well know how I'm stingy in awarding degrees Editor's Award for a product."
Mark Pecotic, Audio Puls, January 2010

"...Cones without a doubt take the Vibrapods to the next perfomance level."
John Potis,, June, 2004

"In my experience, that makes them the best buy in audio--nothing else begins to come close."
Dan Davis, UltraAudio, April, 2004

"What was really telling in my going back and forth from cones to Pods was that, when the Pods were on duty, I would forget what I was doing and just sit there listening. Doesn't that say it all?"
Bruce Kennett, Listener Magazine, Autumn 1998

"Forget all that stupid voodoo-science others may have told you and test drive a set of Vibrapod Isolators: your ears will definitely thank you.
Ludio Cadeddu, TNT-Audio - Internet HiFi magazine, January, 1999

"Synergizers, this is simply the single most significant tweak I've run across - hands down.
Greg Weaver, SoundStage!, January, 1999

"Short of a complete megabuck overhaul, I have never heard (or heard of), anything that got that kind of overwhelming, dramatic improvement!"
Anna Logg, the abso!ute sound, Issue 118, June/July 1999

"It's hard to beat the cost/performance benefit provided by the Vibrapod isolation feet, seen nearly everywhere this year."
Shannon Dickson, Stereophile Magazine, May, 1999 (Vol. 22 No. 5)




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Vibrapod : the Affordable Alternative.